MV Kalangala increases trip ahead of festive season

Kalangala, Uganda |  THE INDEPENDENT | MV Kalangala has added an extra trip because of the increased number of travelers to Ssese Islands as the festive season draws closer. On Sunday, the vessel changed its voyaging time from Lutoboka in Kalangala to Nakiwogo in Entebbe to allow for a third trip.  

Normally, the vessel leaves Kalangala for Entebbe at 8 am and Entebbe for Kalangala at 2 pm making two trips a day. However, now the vessel leaves Kalangala at 7:30 am and arrives at Nakiwogo by 11 am. It docks for 30 minutes while loading for another trip and leaves at 11:30 am and arrives at Lutoboka in Kalangala at 3 pm.  

It docks for 30 minutes to offload and the passengers and load another batch for the last trip that starts at 3:30 pm and at 7 pm at Nakiwogo in Entebbe. The fares haven’t changed despite the fact that the carries half of the licenced passengers of 108 including the crew members in compliance with the Standard Operating Procedures-SOPs to avoid the spread of COVID-19. 

Those travelling first-class pay Shillings 14,000 and second class Shillings 10,000. Adam Kumbuni Mwisungu, the Captain in Charge of MV Kalangala Vessel says the changes are aimed at complying with the SOPs.

He says none of the passengers or crew members will be allowed onboard without a mask.  The Increase in trips will run until January 4, 2021. David Ssekayinga, a proprietor of one of the guest houses in Kalangala, says the increase in trips will boost tourism since tourists will now travel at any time of convenience. The tourism sector in Kalangala suffered a setback because of the COVID-19 pandemic, which prompted the government to announce a nationwide lockdown.  

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