All this is because Gen Museveni is on tension, he is worried about what will happen on 14th January, and because he refused to voluntarily retire and let others continue, Muntu points out.

The Alliance for National Transformation (ANT) party candidate Maj Gen Mugisha Muntu started the week in Mayuge and Iganga districts where he held several meetings and officially opened offices.

One of the aspects of his plan for the economy is land ownership and usage, which need to be rationalized before any agrarian reforms for production can bear tangible results for citizens and the country.

Land being both finite and the main factor of production must be utilized in a way that gives maximum returns to the communities by leveraging other factors of production such as labour, capital and entrepreneurship, Muntu said.

Muntu campaigns

While organizing land use, Alliance for National Transformation-Uganda will ensure strict protection of the land rights of Ugandans.

“Fortunately ANT has people who have a track record, so you can trust that our plans will be implemented effectively,” he noted.

On aquatic resources, Muntu said 30% of Uganda is covered by water bodies and swamps. However, there is fast degradation, encroachment, and drainage for human activities.

Muntu faces off with RDC

Fish stock on major lakes has dwindled to a level where some species could not be found.

He said ANT government will put in place measures to ensure sustainability and conservation of our water and fish resources.

Community involvement in conservation will be enhanced, and the harassments by the military in the disguise of enforcement will stop.

Muntu then made a few stops on the way to Buyende district and took every opportunity to share his plans with fellow Ugandans, and was glad that the message is being well received.

“Ugandans are ready for change, and we urge you to vote for QUALITATIVE CHANGE, that you can trust, from a team with a track record that you can look at, not trial and error,” he noted.