Ssenkubuge replaces disqualified DP candidate Beatrice Kayanja for Kampala Lord Mayor.

Ssenkubuge is DP's dangerous substitute for Lord Mayor – Sunrise

Kayanja’s nomination was brought to a shocking termination by the Electoral Commission last week after she was rejected as she did not have Ugandan Citizenship, wasn’t in the voters register among other reasons. The Democratic Party has replaced rejected Beatrice Kayanja with veteran renowned actor and play director, Charles James Ssenkubuge in the race for the 2021 Kampala Lord Mayor. After his nomination at the Electoral Commission offices in Ntinda where he was accompanied by fellow dramatists Andrew Benon Kibuuka and Aloysious Matovu Joy, Senkubuge revealed that he is ready to work with any president the people of Uganda would have chosen to see that everyone enjoys their stay in Kampala.

Senkubuge said he left acting a long time ago, and held a ceremony where he announced that I had quit acting, showing the fans ‘Siasa the second’ as Leilah Kalanzi Kachapizo.

“I acted in dramas, I love them a lot, I know them but I am no longer an actor. I have not come into the race to act. The people who are actually acting are those in the race that I have come to sweep. We want to see people who are doing something for the people of Kampala and unfortunately we are not seeing this. We are seeing posturing, ‘Kaundaism’ (Kaunda was a president of Malawi who was crying all the time and people stopped saying crocodile tears and started saying them Kaunda tears,” he explained

He explained that he does not need to be judged for his past mistakes where he opted out of the presidential race in 2001.

“In the laws, there is what we call double Jeopardy meaning that you cannot punish someone in one case twice. I dropped out of politics once, when I went back to contest in Busiro I did not opt out and I finished the race. My people in Nakawuka love me a lot but they denied me the parliamentary seat then because they were disappointed by the fact that I had dropped out of the presidential race.”