UPDF Admits Security is Holding NUP’s Kibalama

Two days ago information emerged that soldiers had surrounded the home of Kibalama found in Nansana municipality in Wakiso district and had taken him to unknown location with his known cell phone switched off.

Early this week, a video was released in which Kibalama demanded to take back his party after he was allegedly not given what was promised to him by Kyagulanyi while handing over his party.

Consequently, there were reports that Kibalama had disappeared whereas it was also reported that security had surrounded his home.

However, on Friday, the UPDF spokesperson admitted that sister security agencies to the army were holding Kibalama but for his own safety.

“What I know is that the security is holding him wherever he is and it is holding him for good reasons. Most importantly, to give him safety,”Brig.Byekwaso said.

The army spokesperson said whereas Kibalama is not under their custody, he is in safe hands of sister security agencies.

“The UPDF does not have Kibalama and has not done any action against him or his close associates and family members as it is alleged. The sighting of soldiers at his premises is an indication that security forces are involved.”

Explaining the need for keeping Kibalama safe, the UPDF spokesperson quoted intelligence reports that had indicated that his life was in danger and the necessitated security agencies to give him security.

“Intelligence reports indicated threats on his life and planned violence on his home.”

In a video that made rounds on social media on Thursday, Kibalama said he made a number of mistakes in transferring the party to Bobi, including accepting certain promises without double thinking.

“Of course when someone turns up with an offer as good as $5m anybody would go with it. That is how we fell into the trap, it was a good promise and we hoped so, but since we had not worked with this group we did not know them until we got closer and saw for ourselves,” Kibalama claimed.

However, speaking on Friday at court, Kyagulanyi insisted that Kibalama was forced to make the statements quoted by the media

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