Live bullets and teargas rained in Lira City as police and the army battled street kids

Police on Thursday engaged in running battles with mostly street children in anticipation of National Unity Platform (NUP) Presidential Candidate Bobi Wine’s arrival from APAC District.

By 17:40pm, the situation was still tense as street children set fire on NRM campaign posters in the middle of Obote Avenue ( Lira’s main street) claiming that Bobi Wine was part of their community of ghetto.

Police started dispersing people from Lira City streets by midday when Robert Kyagulanyi was just heading to Apac town.

In a live radio broadcast on Radio Wa 89.8, Hon. Kyagulanyi pledged to revive decent education for the people of Lango by ensuring that the traditional schools like Comboni College, Dr. Obote College in Lira and Aduku SS in Kwania regain and retain their past glories.

He pledged to fasten the process of cattle compensation for the people of Lango.

He deplored the poor state of Apac – Lira road which is currently impassable and yet government has been pledging to work on.

He concluded his radio address by lambasting at the security personnel especially Uganda Police who are hell bent on frustrating his rallies.

He however said most of the security personnel are friendly people but are under pressure by a desperate regime.

Specifically, he castigated Mr. Paul Nkore the RPC North Kyoga region who arrested his Deputy President in charge of northern Uganda and locked her up in a crowded cell with males in Loro, Oyam district.

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