Allow youth to exercise their rights

Kasana-Luwero Catholic Diocesan Bishop Paul Ssemwogerere described the rampant violent incidents against the youth as “an irrationality” and demanded that youth be given ‘their space to enjoy’.

“Violence is an absurdity. The youth are denied the right opportunity yet this is the time. With politics we talk of good governance,” said Bishop Ssemwogerere, reminding leaders that youths are entitled to their democratic rights.

Bishop Ssemwogerere said: “We can quietly restrain advocates to give the youth a chance because it is not right to deny them a chance to serve.”   

The primate made the remarks at the opening of the annual Catholic youth conference in Kampala, December 07, 2020.

The Uganda Episcopal Conference organised the weeklong summit under the theme, “Young men- I say unto you arise”, and attracting youngsters from across the country.ADVERTISEMENT

The Bishop asked the youth to take courage and emulate Jesus’ suffering while struggling if they are to succeed in advocating for their rights.

Bishop Ssemwogerere emphasized the need for compassion amongst youths  as means to realizing the call of Jesus that could draw them [youth] away from death, idleness, fatigue, poverty, unemployment, stubbornness in order to do positive things.

“The youth need to rise from not being active, not being kind, ungodliness and desist from blaming themselves or self-pity. The youth can do things on their own because Jesus has allowed them an opportunity,” the primate said.

He said the youth should use their strength to venture in politics, social economic and intellectual activities for the development of the country.

“This business of driving ‘boda bodas’ is cheap but the youth can do better. ‘Boda bodas’ in our villages have to wait for passengers yet they can work on their farm land for food and income and the boda boda works as an addition for them to win double,” said Bishop Ssemwogerere appealing to the young generation to think and work beyond their limitations.

He added: “On faith, some youth come to pray without reason yet faith has an element of reason.”

Bishop Ssemwogerere’s call adds voice to other religious leaders’ demands and petition by the civil society calling on government authorities to prevail over the security agencies to stop violent incidents ahead of the 2021 elections.

The Archbishop of the Church of Uganda, Dr Stephen Samuel Kaziimba asked all leaders and citizens to embrace a more peaceful way of conducting themselves in campaigns and forthcoming general elections.

He said that the country can do better than the violence so far exhibited in the ongoing campaigns and that Ugandans deserve a better election process.

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