Government releases new calendar for schools , Govt considers automatic promotion for non-candidate students

Government yesterday released a new school calendar which will spill over into next year after President Museveni bowed to pressure on Sunday to reopen education institutions.
Mr Alex Kakooza, the Ministry of Education Permanent Secretary, confirmed yesterday that schools will start on October 15 for second term and close in mid-December. Third term will begin in mid-January and end in April.
“We are just trying to reopen. We cannot guarantee that children will not get sick. But education is a shared responsibility. All of us are expected to join hands and see how it works. Ensure that you wash hands regularly, don’t touch in the soft parts because the virus might be here for three years,” Mr Kakooza said.

Govt considers automatic promotion for non-candidate students as it releases new school calendar

Mr. Ismail Mulindwa, the Director, Basic and Secondary Education has revealed that the ministry of education is considering promoting students in non-candidate classes, should they fail to get a chance to return to school before the end of the academic year.

Mulindwa while meeting MPs on the Education Committee said the ministry was set to roll out the enhanced home-study programme for effective learning for other learners that can lead to promotion to the next class in case the situation does not warrant reopening for all.

While giving his latest address on Covid-19, President Museveni said that the cabinet approved the re-opening of schools for candidates and finalists on October 15, 2020.

He also noted that there are some reasons that hinder private schools from re-opening since some schools were doing education as a business adding that the Ministry of Education has been directed to expand the number of secondary schools.

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