The Alliance for National Unity Transformation (ANT) party candidate Mugisha Muntu says he doesn’t understand what Ugandans exactly want from him.

“Every once in a while, I hear people say “Gen. Muntu would have been the right person to take over leadership of the country, but he’s not aggressive enough”.

I usually ask them what ways they want me to be more aggressive. We’re not in a gun fight or a boxing ring. Do you want me to go and hold Gen. Museveni by the collar and throw him out of State House? Do you want me to speak aggressively to scare him and he runs away?” he wondered.

“What I believe we need to be able to take over and run the country better is the ability to build institutional strength, not individual strength or aggressiveness, because this is not an individual fight, and when we get into power, I will not work alone,” he added.

According to Muntu, it is this individualism of the Presidency that has Uganda in the position that it is in as a country right now.

“We need to build institutions and structures so that when I become president, I serve my term and at the set time I hand over to the next elected person.”