Museveni: vaccines are already under trial and the seventh already tested and been found effective.

 President Museveni has said that he has received “happy news” from the scientists who have developed seven wonderful products.

Addressing the nation from the State Lodge in Mbale, Museveni said six vaccines are already under trial and the seventh already tested and been found effective.

“The first three [substances of the already used drug] are all anti-virals. Dozens of people have been healed by these substances,” he said.

“Patients, who will be confined in one place, will have these medicines tried on them starting December 15, added Museveni, who said he will not provide details due to the probable presence of “spies”.

“Within 40 days, I think from December 15, enough patients will have been tested to convince other people that the drug works. The first three substances deal with the virus. The fourth is a bronchial dilator – a drug that will keep your airways open biochemically without using a ventilator.

The President added that the scientists have developed two diagnostic tests – one of them using saliva and can give results in half an hour (30 minutes).

Having last addressed the nation on September 29, he started off by providing an update on Uganda’s current COVID-19 situation.

He also reiterated his message on the preventive measures, saying that “even today, we should not relax”.

Museveni re-echoed the standard operating procedures that were instituted to prevent the spread of the coronavirus, including the wearing of masks, washing of hands with soap and water and observing social distance.

He underlined that if Ugandans are obedient to these measures, “we shall not share the losses other parts of the world experience”.

Almost immediately, he struck a note of optimism.

“The world is about to get out of this nightmare by getting a vaccine or a cure. In Uganda, we are working on getting both – especially the cure looks promising,” addd Museveni.

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