First son has returned on twitter after days of serious bashing by Ugandans for allegedly promoting tribalism.

It started with two tweets in which Lt Gen Muhoozi Kainerugaba belittled Bobi Wine for wearing red (reportedly pretending to be a soldier) and accepting the name “Musinguzi”.

The name was given to him in Ibanda town on his Ankore sub-region trail to praise him as a winner or liberator or conqueror.

The National Unity Platform presidential candidate picked the tweets and responded.

“Tweets from Muhoozi Keinerugaba, Dictator Museveni’s son! M7 gifted him with rank of Lt. General! I guess he deleted them after waking up from a drunken stupor! I’ve seen most Ugandans mock & laugh at him, but it shd worry us this is the group with guns in charge of our security!”

On Saturday, the Special Forces Command (SFC) commander and Presidential Advisor on Special Operations replied:

“Tweets from Bobi Wine, So you have a thing against the millions of Ugandans and the billions of human beings who have ever woken up from a ‘Drunken stupor’ as you call it?Well, then I’m proud to represent those fellow human beings that you despise! May they live long and prosper!”

Bobi Wine had also said: “The real insult to our nation is that you wear our uniform! Such an embarrassment to the decent men & women in uniform who work hard to keep our nation safe. The criminals you arm to murder & torture citizens won’t save you & your father when citizens rise up to defend themselves.”

Muhoozi responded: ” ‘Your’ uniform? Who are you? I thought you were a Ugandan like me? Your cheap politicking about embarrassments to service men and women will be absolutely shown for what they are anytime you want.”

Bobi Wine went on: “One more thing, the Banyankore did not just give me the name Musinguzi! They gave me their daughter, my wife, and that means I am their son. They are not as hateful and as tribalistc as you are. Stop misrepresenting my in-laws!”

Muhoozi replied: “This is a completely impossible act! I’m a Munyankore, born and bred but I was never consulted when the ‘Banyankore’ gave you their daughter. It seems you don’t know the Banyankore and their customs.”